Almost every weekday Dr. Diet reveals a weight loss secret


“Today, promises the great and powerful, Dr. Diet, “I’ll share the weight loss breakthrough you’ve been looking for, the game changer!”
Huh! Wait a minute! I saw the game changing, miracle breakthrough yesterday! imageI haven’t even gotten to the health food store to buy a bottle of that stuff that you said will flush my fat!

Has yesterday’s breakthrough revelation already become obsolete? Whew! Good thing I watched Dr. Diet again today so I’m up to speed on the newest weight loss miracle!
Newest miracle, until tomorrow, that is when a new guest is hawking a new “all natural weight loss herb or tea or food combination or whatever…!” And Dr. Diet is using some incredibly hokey way of illustrating how it all works on your body and fat.

What gives with Dr. Diet?

His credentials are impeccable. He has the qualifications of a pre-eminent medical expert on paper. He holds degrees from both Harvard and University of Pennsylvania. He’s authored more than 400 research publications. He’s currently a professor and the vice-chair of surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Why is he jumping around claiming that he’s going to tell us the best flat-belly foods? He enthuses he will tell us what to do to get rid of a “muffin top.”
And the secret, according to Dr. Diet, is …

Almonds! Yogurt! Olives! Really?

These are foods that are great to flatten my belly? These are high-calorie foods and all I have to do is eat them in excess to flatten my belly? Imagine that! I’m 60. I have had four babies, two of whom weighed more than 9 pounds at birth, and munching almonds and olives and slurping yogurt will give me back the flat belly I never had in my whole life!

I know what eating a bunch of that stuff would really give me and it’s not going to be a flatter belly. The Great Dr. Diet says eating these fatty foods will target the love handles. That’s not supported by scientific evidence, but does it matter if Dr. Diet says it’s so? Nope! The scientific evidence shows that genetics dictate where body fat is both stored and lost, but Dr. Diet’s secrets apparently transcend science!

I attended an integrative health seminar in which Dr. Diet was the keynote speaker.
He struck me as both an exceptionally bright and charismatic man. In fact, I expected him to address us as Dr. Diet, the TV personality, but he came across as a competent surgeon with an exceptional bedside manner. I trusted him. Funny thing is that when I saw him in person talking to health care professionals, he had a much different message. He said there were no shortcuts! I think he meant there were no game changers! He stressed the importance of a nutritious diet and getting regular physical activity for heart health and healthy weight.

Then I tuned into his program the very next afternoon and the “snake oil selling’ Dr. Diet was back giving viewers what they tune in to find.

Everybody wants the easy answer – the “secret.”
Dr. Diet offers hope for a quick and easy fix or at least the reason why nothing has worked so far.

“It’s not your fault, sympathizes the almighty Dr. Diet, “you’ve been eating the wrong foods for your personality type!” The manic woman chosen from the audience gives a grateful head toss and says, “Yes! Yes! teach me how to eat for my personality type so I can finally watch the pounds melt away!”
Next day he’s onto, “never eat these five foods again,” and the day after that it’s, “drink this herbal tea with every meal,” and the next day it’s, “artificial sweeteners trick your taste receptors!”

I think I know why Dr. Diet, the TV doc, is not the same doctor as “the real doctor,” Dr. Diet. The real doctor with the real message is boring and offers no hope of a magic cure. Heck, I don’t think the real Dr. Diet would even hint that there is a secret. The real Dr. Diet won’t get the ratings.

So, I’ve figured out what Dr. Diet’s best weight loss secret really is.

Dr. Diet’s best weight loss secret ever is: there is no secret! But it’s so secret that he’ll never tell you that.

  • The best way to lose weight is no secret.
  • It’s eating slightly fewer calories than your body burns.
  • It’s eating high-quality foods that are nutrient-dense including lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, low-fat/fat-free dairy, legumes, nuts, healthy oils and an occasional treat (foods made with added fats and sugars.)
  • It’s being physically active every day.
  • It’s finding effective ways to cope without using (too much) food.
  • It’s positive thinking and forgiving yourself for lapses.
  • It’s refusing to give up your efforts to eat smarter and move more.
  • It’s being fit; not perfect!