Getting employed in Asia in 2017: our ultimate tip


Avoid common mistakes in 2017

Asia is more and more attractive for foreigners who want to begin or continue their career after a first experience.

But hiring habits can be different there from european countries, with specifical things to know to avoid disapoitment.

Our ultimate tip would be to show the passion you have for the region, as asian, specifically chinese employers, are very sensitive to connection you can have with your new environment.

To demonstrate this, we recommend you these lines, found on It’s a perfect illustration of what a good approach can be, if you want to get a job in China, Asia generally, in 2017 :

Develop a compelling story and deeper connection to the region. Convey your passion to future employers about why you want to work in a region beyond the tourist’s adventure. Developing language skills or studying art or cultural traditions are tangible signs a potential employer might view as a commitment to the region since they often cross personal and professional dimensions. Demonstrate your interests in your résumé or CV over time—well before your job search begins. Such relationship-building experiences may be the key that gets you past the elevator pitch and a foot inside the company door.