Sustainable business in Asia


Sustainable business is not only a trend in european countries.

In some parts of Asia, and in different sectors, the word “sustainable” is a perfect ally of the “business” one.

You want some examples ?

Here is a short part of a very interesting article published on this page, which could open your eyes.

A number of markets in the Asia Pacific region present vast business opportunities in the sustainability sector:

  • China’s remarkable economic growth has had severe negative environmental consequences. As a result, China has prioritized energy efficiency and green technology. China’s rapid urbanization will also require tremendous new building construction, and the country intends to enforce green building standards moving forward. These new policies in both sectors can open up opportunities for U.S. companies.

  • Vietnam is similarly suffering from the environmental degradation arising from rapid economic growth. American companies and products enjoy a positive reputation for quality, reliability, and safety in Vietnam, which can translate into multi-million dollar opportunities.

  • India is in dire need of assistance in all areas of sustainability from infrastructure development to energy efficiency, and numerous opportunities abound for U.S. suppliers and advisors.

  • Japan has always been a leader in sustainability policy and technology. Japan offers opportunities in leading-edge, cost-effective environmental technologies and services, particularly in light of the tragic disasters of March 2011.